World Data Visuals

Data visualisation for the Make Change exhibition

At the Unlimited: Designing for the Asia Pacific Triennial in Brisbane, Australia, 4–10 October 2010. We developed a projected data visualisation piece with senior curator Fleur Watson and the exhibition design team March Studio.

The brief for this project was to present the macro view for each country of the 12 featured design works. How can data tell a story that extends the audience understanding of the design artifacts?

The data visuals present a global view of world data which is animated over time (1, in image above). Each sequence has a specific theme, for example number of people affected by flooding, or CO2 emissions per person. The view then morphs into a focused view of the Asia Pacific region, not as a map, but as circles packing together like organisms wrestling for space (2). Finally from this view the countries of the specific case studies are studied with stats(3) and flashes of project imagery(4), which connects back the original data set presented.

Project Credits - Data Projections

Visualisations: Greg More, OOM Creative

Sound design: Marco Cher-Gibard

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