Like writing or music,
data visualisation makes your ideas travel

We believe that people value your ideas by understanding your data. That's why we work with you, and your organisation, to create beautiful data visualisations that promote your ideas.

OOM Creative
Data Visualisation / Design Consultancy
Melbourne, Australia


Recently we've worked with the City of Melbourne to turn a database of 70,000 city trees into a platform to communicate the issues facing the urban forest now and into the future.


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We design data-driven digital projects at business and urban scales



Data changes how we make sense of the world. To present ideas through data you need to combine the worlds of business, technology and design. And that's what we do for you.

Data visualisation is a way of thinking as well as a final outcome. You can engage us at the early stages of your project: especially when there are complex layers of human and computer interaction. We shine when working across marketing, IT, and business teams to connect different domains of knowledge during project development.


We gather and visualise your data - from spreadsheets and databases - to find insights that advance your mission. We always consider the context of data - its audience - and through design iteration, workshopping and prototyping, create new ways for your data to be seen:

  • Interactive visuals & websites for internet audiences
  • Digital strategy and research & development
  • Foyer screens, exhibitions and installations
  • Designing systems and processes for data.

Since 2008 we've built our reputation on blending high-end creative outcomes with technical expertise - working on big ideas that are realised with ingenuity and care. We connect aesthetics, computing and user experience, and build teams and processes around projects that scale and deliver what you require.


We've designed a perfect way to start a data-driven initiative. Our 'Data with Vision' scoping process is a design-led process that explores the opportunities inherent in your data. Through scoping we:

  • gather & frame project aims
  • workshop & synthesise ideas
  • present design opportunities.

Scoping lays the foundation for a successful data-driven project. It is quick to undertake, and low risk, so contact us to take this first step.

OOM's Founding Ideas

"Having visualisations featured in the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition at MoMA, curated by Paola Antonelli, was the tipping point for establishing OOM Creative in 2008. The exhibition demonstrated a new paradigm of communication where aesthetics, temporality and vast quantities of data were used to provide clarity to complex situations." - Greg More

Watch Greg More present at AGIdeas:
Here Greg talks about his design inspirations and why he visualises data.

Greg More founder of OOM Creative is an expert in digital design. His design work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art New York (MoMA), the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), selected for OneDotZero and Resfest International Film Festivals, as well as featured in a range of international biennales and publications. He is also a senior lecturer in the SIAL research lab, School of Architecture & Design, RMIT University.


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